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Anabolen kopen

Where can I buy good anabolic steroids?

At you can buy original steroids from brands that are known in the sports world for their reliability and fast muscle building.

Why buy steroids as an athlete?

Bodybuilders and athletes use steroids because they stimulate the building of muscle mass, accelerate regeneration and increase endurance. Natural steroid hormones are made by the body in the sexual organs, adrenal cortex and central nervous system. Anabolic steroids are chemical variants of the male hormone testosterone with a stronger effect than the natural hormone. Steroids increase the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells and increase the body’s ability to convert proteins into muscle mass. The muscles look bigger and stronger and are better supplied with blood. 


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Anabolen kopen

De wereld van de anabolen is wellicht groter dan je denkt. Hier vind je alle informatie en mogelijkheden.

De beste producten

Wij werken uitsluitend met bekende merken en gecertificeerde producten van betrouwbare leveranciers.


Ondersteuning bij de vetverbranding bij dieetdoelstellingen of bij een bodybuild wedstrijdvoorbereiding.

Bodybuild voeding

Door aandacht te besteden aan de juiste voeding en hoeveel aandacht eiwitten zul je een maximaal resultaat behalen.


Veelgestelde vragen over het kopen en gebruiken van anabolen

In the sports world, and especially the bodybuilding world, anabolic steroids or simply ‘steroids’ are a commonly used tool to improve training results and promote muscle growth. Many people wonder how best to buy steroids. At you can easily buy anabolic steroids online. Our online shop is a reliable location for your purchase. Both in terms of security of supply, good quality products and neutral shipping (packaging).

At Anabolic World you will find both orally ingestible and injectable products. Beginners usually start with an orally taken product, while hardcore athletes more often opt for an injectable product. Injectable products do not have to pass through the stomach and liver and can therefore be somewhat safer. What suits you depends not only on the product, but also on your diet and lifestyle and of course your personal preference. The final decision is yours.

You can buy steroids or one from other manufacturers via our webshop. When your order has been placed with us, you will receive the payment details associated with the order by email.

You can pay for your order with us in two ways: 

  • By transfer (wire transfer) where you transfer the amount in advance to our account.
  • Pay via Bitcoins from your own wallet

After we have received your payment, we will deliver the order as quickly as possible. We aim for orders to be received by our customers within 5 working days. 

How quickly the package arrives to you after shipment also depends on the country we ship to, the products you order, and how busy the delivery service is. All our packages are sent with track and trace, both within and outside the Netherlands. This allows you to keep an eye on the status of the package. 

Shipping costs within the Netherlands are 10 euros and 15 euros to Belgium. For countries outside the Netherlands and Belgium, shipping costs of 20 euros will be charged. Deliveries are only made to countries within the EU.

No, returns are not possible.

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